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The Elf Ranger
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alternative fantasy themed music
Think fantasy, think orcs, dragons, high elves and dark elves, think outlaws, blood, sorrow, love and hate.
Think hypnotic shamanic drumming, think druids, think of the bards. Think of the sounds of nature. And think of the traditions of the storytellers.

The Elf Ranger is in real life a girl, otherkin herself, from the town of Brixham southwest England, actress, and writer.

The tracks are inspired by the Elf Ranger, named Elwing, whom she plays at live action roleplay adventures (!). Elwing is half drow, half “high-elf”, she was a ranger for her people, in an unknown land far to the south, until she was outlawed by the King of that land, after refusing to ride against the wise dragon that came to his lands. She left everything behind, as she flees to the North, into strange lands of which she has only heard of in myth..

Outlawed, due for release in January 2008, is the first album by The Elf Ranger, a mixture of improvised and channelled storytelling, singing, and chanting with the music played on a single bodhran (a traditional Irish drum), and extra atmosphere of recordings of animals and nature. The tales of of her magical world, are sometimes more druidic, sometimes shamanic, and are influenced by druidism, shamanism, her larp adventures, and the world of Tolkien.

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